Based in Essex, United Kingdom

Founding date:
February 20, 2014


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Off Grid

142 New London Road
Chelmsford, CM2 0AW
United Kingdom



Semaeopus is a small but mighty indie games studio that puts its energy into making relevant, fun and challenging games. You won't necessarily find weapons and combat in games that come from Semaeopus - you're more likely to use stealth and trickery as you explore in depth worlds, and meet unconventional characters along the way. Their work covers two fronts: developing groundbreaking orginal IP, and work-for-hire as contract developers and design consultants helping clients achieve truly innovative games and interactive media through services including ideation, R and D, prototyping, production, and porting, accross PC and console.


Semaeopus was founded in early 2014 by Rich Metson and Pontus Schönberg. Both have come to games seeking a bit more than just fun and creativity - they want to make games that contribute to the maturing of the medium. Alongside design and development services Semeaopus is currently developing the stealth hacking game, Off Grid, which is to be the Studios first original IP.



Off Grid Trailer YouTube

Twitch Stage at EGX 2017 YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Chosen to be in the CE50 2018 : One of the top 50 brightest stars across tech, games, film and TV" - Creative England, May 2018
  • "Winner of the Smart Studio Award" - UK Games Fund, September 2018

Selected Articles

  • "Off Grid is honestly one of the most exciting game concepts I've seen in years; the pedigree of the people involved, and their intertwining with the hacking community makes this a real gem of a project and one to definitely keep a very close eye on. It's one of those games I'm confident will make *huge* waves in the games industry - both from a gameplay perspective, and a modding one, it's the sort of pioneer concept that everyone will be copying in 5 years' time."
    - BAFTA Winner, Dan Marshall, Size Five Games

Sky News : Essex games studio Semaeopus wins praise for portrayal of hackers
For a small independent games studio in Essex, the attention of hackers around the world could be a far more frightening prospect than Chelmsford-based Semaeopus is finding it. Fortunately for founders Rich Metson and Pontus Schoenberg, the community of technologically-inclined tinkerers is expressing genuine excitement about their forthcoming stealth hacking game Off Grid. news.sky.com.

Team & Repeating Collaborators

Rich Metson
Director, Designer, Developer

Pontus Schönberg
Director, Designer, Developer

André Silva

Sarah Asberry
Business and Community Developer

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